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Austin Lockout Service is proud to offer you professional locksmith services from one of our many licensed and insured locksmith technicians. We have years of experience working on all sorts of commercial and business locks. We can help you change the keys after you sell your business, become the new owner, or even if you or one of your employees accidentally loses the key. Austin Lockout Service can also help you with safes — either lockouts or recommendations. We can purchase, install and configure CCTV equipment for you. We can even helping your business with Access Control (Exit Devices, Push Bars, Door Closers, etc…)

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Sometimes the unexpected happens. Maybe your house settles and the door gets jammed, or maybe you’ve misplaced the key for your storage unit, filing cabinet, or desk. Austin Lockout Service can help. We can help you through even the toughest of situations. It’s quite common for keys to become bent and worn to the point of snapping off in your lock. This jams the lock and prevents further use until the broken key bit is extracted, also known as a Key Extraction. Austin Lockout Service only works with fully licensed and insured locksmith technicians to provide you with the best experience for Fresh Installations, Installing Security Hardware, and even Security Evaluations. 

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