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Crash Bar Installation & Repair

Austin Lockout Service is fully licensed and insured across Texas for crash bar installation and repair, also sometimes referred to as a push bar, panic bar, exit device, or panic device. A crash bar is a large metal device that attaches to the door horizontally with a spring loaded metal bar that allows the door to be unlocked when the push bar or crash bar mechanism is pushed or depressed. A crash bar is great for doors that require quick and easy exit such as a fire escape, but can also be optionally fitted with exterior handles. For example, if you want a door that only opens from the inside but is otherwise locked, then a crash bar is a good choice.
Panic bar installation

Austin Lockout Service offers crash bar installation and repair services across Texas.

Crash Bar Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Austin Lockout Service offers the most affordable rates for crash bar installation or repair services. We service commercial properties and businesses when it comes to lock work, push bar installation, crash bar installation, security camera installation, and much more across Texas. Our offices are open 24/7 for emergency lockout services such as automotive, residential, and commercial or businesses. We specialize in only the best push bar and crash bar hardware such as top brands like Dexter, Stanley, Corbin Russwin, Yale, and Detex. When it comes to selecting the best locksmith to install your commercial access control hardware, it's important to select a licensed and reputable locksmith to install your security devices. All of our technicians are fully licensed and insured with the State of Texas to ensure your safety and security. Our expert commercial locksmiths can make keys on the spot if you lose your business keys for your push bar lock or if you need the lock changed or rekeyed. We can even assist with lever handles, mortise locks, exit devices, and many other types of locking and security hardware. Austin Lockout Service has locksmiths across Texas that are close to you in many major cities and towns such as Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and many, many more. Contact us today to find out more about our professional crash bar and push bar installation and repair services across Texas.