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Did you know that in addition to being Austin's best locksmith, we can also offer you garage repair and garage installation services across Austin and it's many surrounding cities? Our experienced garage door technicians are highly trained with solving any issues you have with your garage door or remote. We deal with many issues, some of the most common ones being spring repair, cable repair, roller repair, panel repair, dead batteries, and opener repairs. Our garage door repair services are available on a 24 hour basis with technicians working for you across all days of the year. Austin Lockout Service can help you with residential garage repair and installation, as well as commercial garage repair and installation.

We work with all kinds of customers, from home owners and renters experiencing garage door issues, to international business leaders and franchise owners that need commercial garage doors installed or repaired. We know quality service and will not rest until you are left satisfied. We offer you the best garage door repair in Austin Texas, and we have mobile technicians across central Texas.

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 The Mighty Garage Door

Garage doors are an important part of your home, but did you know that they deliver a lot more than going up and down? Nowadays there are garage doors that aren't affected by power outages, and some that can even remind you if you forgot to shut them— how is that for a good reason to install a new garage door? It's actually quite frequent that someone will become locked out of their house because their garage door remote dies, runs out of battery, or even that the house itself is suffering from a power outage.

There are many different uses for garage doors, and some people even use them more than their front door. In addition to being used as an area to store your car, there are many other clever uses for a garage, such as being used as an indoor storage area, craft room, indoor climbing gym, and so much more. Here are 10 different ways to use your garage and 10 ways to organize your garage.

Did you know that you can even get tax credits for certain energy efficient garage doors in your principal residence? That's right, so long as your garage is insulated and the garage door meets certain requirements such as having an air infiltration system. You can't use a tax credit for a rental property or a secondary residence. Just keep in mind that if you file for the tax credit, you'll be required to keep that garage door for at least five years. Make sure to purchase a garage door that has a U-Factor or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .30 or lower. The U-Factor is a rating that judges the amount of air that escapes through a door or window. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how much sun comes through a door or window. Just fill out IRS form 5695 and attach it to your 1040 or 1040-NR personal income form.


Garage Door Installation & Repair

Although it may seem like a daunting task of repairing your broken garage door or installing a new garage door, keep in mind that it doesn't have to be. Austin Lockout Service has garage installation professionals in Austin and many surrounding Central Texas areas. We can work with carriage house garage doors, contemporary garage doors, raised panel garage doors, garage door openers, and much more. We can help you with your house, apartment, or commercial garage door repair service needs. Here is a list of todays most popular and widely supported garage door manufacturers.

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Austin Lockout Service is fully licensed and insured to handle your garage door repair services for both residential and commercial customers. You can contact our garage door repair services today for 24/7 availability to your needs. We offer you a complete solution to your garage door issues. Our technicians carry springs, panels, and locks with them for garage door panel repair, garage door spring repair, and garage door lock repair and replacement. Speak with one of our specialists today for upfront pricing and day or night quality solutions that will leave you with a smile.

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