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Austin Lockout Service should be your go to professionals for any digital and electronic lock service. No matter if you're a businesses owner, home owner,  or security hobbyist — you've come to the right place! With the rapid growth of today's technology, many  homeowners and businesses are deciding to replace their old mechanical locks with new electronic ones. There are many different types of digital locks, and they all have their own unique features and uses. From simple residential electronic locks to highly complex digital locks with access control systems, we have experience with it.

What is the difference between a mechanical lock and a digital one?

 An electronic lock or digital lock is simply a lock that uses some electronic circuit to bolt and unlock your door. Some models of digital locks allow the use of a keypad for entering code combinations, while others work with fingerprint scanners and sometimes even eye scanners. Most electronic locks have the option to be manually locked or unlocked with the use of a key, however, this could still pose potential security issues. While the use of a key on a digital lock is great for if the battery in your digital lock dies, it can potentially allow a vulnerability to people that know how to pick locks. One of the biggest advantages though to having a electronic lock installed on your home or business, is that you are no longer required on carrying the key around at all times. This eliminates the possibility of you getting locked out and enables you to not have to carry the key with you at all times. Having a digital lock is also great for changing access, instead of rekeying they lock, you simply need to change access codes.
We support digital and electronic locks.

We support digital and electronic locks.

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Austin Lockout Service is proud to offer you some of the best and most sophisticated electronic locks on the market today.  These range from digital locks with RFID capabilities, some of which can be used for protection on businesses that are interested in installing a card-based access control system. Government agencies are also using electronic locking systems in order monitor the premises and keep unauthorized access to a minimum. Our professional technicians have years of experiences and would be happy to assist you with selecting some of our advanced solutions to secure your home or business. We excel at helping you maintain a secure premises at an affordable price.

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