Killeen Locksmith

Amazing, Cheap, and Fast Locksmith Services In Killeen, Texas

Austin Lockout Service is a completely licensed and insured locksmith company that operates out of the Central Texas areas and includes complete locksmith coverage for the Killeen area. We are fully mobile, with all of our locksmiths being industry leading experts of their field. Our Killeen locksmiths are great at helping with everything from lockout services, lock replacements, cutting new car and house keys, and so much more. We are open 24/7 with our call center being located in Austin, Texas. We beat our competition when it comes to prices, as well as the time it takes for us to get to you.

Killeen is a beautiful city in Bell County, Texas with a population of around 141,000, meaning it is the 21st most populated city in all of Texas.

Zip codes of Killeen:

  • 76540
  • 76541
  • 76542
  • 76543
  • 76544
  • 76547
  • 76549

Our professional and experienced Killeen locksmiths are always working hard to bring you the best quality work at the cheapest prices. We deal with many situation from vehicles, to houses, businesses, and commercial properties.  

If you are ever locked out of your vehicle in Killeen or lose your car or truck keys altogether, call us and we can help you. We come to you quickly and we will help you open your locked vehicle door or even make you a new car key altogether. We can make valet keys, regular car and truck keys, key fobs, and more. We have experience working on everything from much older vehicles needing new car door locks, up to sports car key fobs, and specialty vehicles such as postal trucks and semi trucks. Not only can we help you with vehicles and automobiles that move, we can also help with those that don't, like mobile homes and the occasional parked RV or camper.

If you are looking to have your house locks rekeyed to new keys or even changed completely to new hardware, we can help with that also. Our Killeen technicians have equipment ready, but they can also come to you to install hardware if you've already purchased it. It's important to us that if you are ever locked out of your house or apartment in Killeen, that you have blazing fast services to get you back inside, especially if it's cold out. We deal with all sorts of home lockout situations, from garage door lockouts, to deadbolts, sliding glass doors, keyless deadbolts, doorknobs, and everything inbetween. We are the quickest locksmiths in Killeen and we offer the cheapest prices.

If you are a business or a commercial property owner in Killeen, we have experience helping out your fellow business owners. We have years of experience rekeying businesses in Killeen, as well as changing locks, replacing or repairing push bars, installing CCTV cameras and equipment, and even working on commercial garage doors. Whatever your commercial lock issue is, we can certainly help. We are the best business and commercial locksmith service in Killeen, TX.