Residential Lockouts

Lockout Services for Houses, Apartments, and Mobile Homes.

Austin Lockout Service is fully licensed and insured for all types of home lockout services throughout Texas. We specialize in all types of house, apartment, and mobile home lockout services. We can help you in any situation if you are locked out of your home. We work with garage lockouts, sliding glass door lockouts, front door and backdoor lockouts, and bedroom lockouts just to name a few. People lose their keys or accidently leave them inside their home, it's unfortunate, but it does happen. If you lose your home keys or find yourself locked out of your home, then calling a locksmith to come to you and open your door is usually the quickest and cheapest method of regaining entry. Sometimes office doors, closet doors, or bedroom doors inside your home get locked. We can help with those too.

Residential Locksmith

A locksmith for houses, apartments, and mobiles homes!

House Lockouts

If you are ever locked out of your house in Texas, then you will most likely have to call a locksmith to let you back into your house. At Austin Lockout Service, we have worked for years throughout Texas passionately helping customers back into their houses. Our experienced locksmiths understand how to problem solve, and they think quickly on their feet. They will be able to easily and affordably let you back into your house without causing damage to the door or lock. Austin Lockout Service only hires professional locksmiths that are background checked with the state of Texas for your safety, so you can sleep easy knowing you aren't letting criminals into your house or have access to your locks. If you have a fence with a gate that requires locks, we can assist with changing the gate lock or rekeying it.

Apartment Lockouts

In modern times, apartments are a widely used housing option versus owning a house. But like houses, apartments also use locks, and sometimes the key gets lost or misplaced, leaving you locked out of your apartment. When you get locked out of your apartment or lose your key, it's usually possible to contact the leasing office since they generally have a spare key for maintenance. This isn't always the case however, and many apartment complex offices are closed after hours, leaving you still locked out with no other options of getting back in except calling a locksmith. Dogs will occasionally lock people out of their homes by accidently turning a lock on the inside of a door such as a keyless deadbolt or regular deadbolt. It's not the end of the world if you get locked out of your apartment.

Mobile Home Lockouts

Many people live in mobile homes and require lockout services when they are locked out or lose their key. Austin Lockout Service specializes in dealing with mobile home locks as well as assisting with mobile home lockout services. A mobile home has the same type of lock as all other residential homes and as such, if you are living in a mobile home and require locksmith services, we can assist with rekeying your locks or changing hardware completely or even adding new security hardware such as keyless deadbolts, door chains, and peepholes. 

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