Residential Rekeying Service

Rekeying Services for Houses, Apartments, and Mobile Homes.

Austin Lockout Service is a fully licensed and insured locksmith company that works with all types of residential and home locks. We specialize in all types of lock installation and rekeying services for houses, apartments, and mobile homes with specialized or regular locks like doorknobs, deadbolts, sliding glass doors, and garage doors. We can assist you if you are in need of new keys for your locks, or if you need your locks changed for a different reason. We regularly work with realtors, home owners, and renters that are in need of lock work like installing a new deadbolt, rekeying locks with lost keys, and replacing faulty or old lock hardware. Sometimes keys get lost for office doors, bathroom doors, closet doors, pantry doors, or bedroom doors, but if you call a licensed locksmith they will be able to get you in if locked out and rekey the lock to a new or existing key so it never happens again.

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Each key is different. The red pins match a certain depth cut on the key, and when the correct key is inserted, they will all be flush with the shear line, and the lock will turn smoothly.

House Rekeying

Since we are a fully licensed and insured locksmith company, we are able to operate on all residential locks. We can perform lockout services for those that are locked out of their house and for those needing their locks changed to match new keys. Austin Lockout Service is available 24/7 for residential lockouts, rekeying, peephole installation, door latch alignment, mailbox rekeying, and much more. If you have lost the key to your house, it might be time to get the locks replaced or rekeyed. We can rekey locks to new keys or to existing keys, replace the lock hardware itself, and install new locks such as keyless deadbolts, electronic locks, or digital keypad locks.

Apartment Rekeying

Renting or owning an apartment can be a good alternative when compared to renting or owning a home. Apartments have the same types of locks as houses do, and as such, you would be able to use the same lock on both a house door and an apartment door. Austin Lockout Service can assist you with quick and cheap rekeying services that are provided with a free warranty and guarantee for your peace of mind. In addition to rekeying your apartment locks, we can also replace the lock if it is broken, install new deadbolts and doorknobs, rekey garage doors, and rekey sliding glass doors on apartments. Our licensed locksmiths are available 24 hours for apartment rekeying for those in emergency situations such as break ins, evictions, and more.

Mobile Home Rekeying

Austin Lockout Service has been working as a locksmith for mobile homes across Central Texas for many years to help with lockout services, lock changes, rekeying, and more. We can rekey or replace mobile home locks that are old, broken, no longer working, or simply need to be replaced for other reasons. Our mobile locksmiths are fully licensed and insured in order to be working on your mobile home locks and we can rekey or change your lock hardware completely. If you happen to lose your key to your mobile home, then it's probably time to call a locksmith. Austin Lockout Service also works with mobile home owners by providing them with additional security hardware such as keyless deadbolts, door chains, security cameras, peepholes, and more. 

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