Valet Keys

What is a Valet Key?

A valet key is designed to open your locked car door, and allows you to start the car. Usually a valet key still contains an RFID chip but it is cut differently to inhibit access to the rest of the vehicle. A valet key will only let you open your locked car door and start the car, but will not let you open the trunk, glove box, seat backs, trunk release, etc. 

A valet key is different than a door key, which is the same as a valet key except it only works for the vehicle's doors and won't allow you to start the car. Valet keys and vehicle door keys are very useful to have on hand if you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle or happen to misplace your keys inside your locked car or truck. A neat trick is to have a valet key or door key duct taped to the back of your license plate before being screwed into place on your car. That way, if you are ever locked out, you can use a key that will only open your car door but will prevent someone from being able to steal it.

Many cars have valet keys, from Volkwagen, to Honda, Toyota, Ford, GMC, and more.

Sometimes cars don't have trunk locks or glove box locks, however, you still receive a valet key when you purchase the car. 

Tips for using Valet Keys:

  • If you can't take items with you and instead have to leave them inside the car, having a valet key will prohibit the valet from peeking into the glovebox or trunk at your personal belongings.
  • If you are handing your valet key to someone else to drive your car, then keep in mind that you can turn off the GPS so they can't access your saved and recent locations.
  • Don't give the valet your whole key chain with your home, business, or other car keys on it. Only give him the one valet key that will allow him to operate your vehicle.
  • Always make sure you are handing your valet key to the correct person and not someone who is unauthorized to be driving your vehicle.
  • You can purchase valet keys from a local locksmith or dealership
Valet Key Comparison

Difference between a normal black car key and a grey valet key.


Locksmith & Vehicle Key Services:

  • Lost car or truck keys
  • Stolen car or truck keys
  • Transponder key replacement
  • Transponder car key replacement
  • Transponder car key programming
  • Sidewinder keys
  • Switchblade key replacement
  • Car key cutting
  • Car lock repair
  • Car lock rekeying
  • Spare car keys
  • Emergency lockout service
  • Remote key FOBS
  • RFID car keys
  • Valet keys
  • Door keys
  • Cut valet keys
  • Valet key cutting
  • Program valet key
  • Car unlocking
  • Unlock car
  • Trunk unlocking
  • Unlock trunk

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